Key Achievements

Taasisi SACCO’s operations are currently guided by a Strategic Plan  2021-2025 .
The current Strategic Plan will inform and focus the growth of the SACCO for the next five years.

Taasisi SACCO Ltd has given birth to Taasisi Housing Cooperative .This was necessitated by the desire of members needs to aquire land and houses.

Taasisi SACCO has embraced the use of ICT by putting in place adequate hardware and software facilities, e.g Mobile Money Application. This has improved the SACCO’s efficiency in serving the members and communication worldwide. 

It has grown to the level of being able to buy some of its members bank loans.


  • During Ushirika day celebrations of the year 2018, Taasisi SACCO was awarded as the second best in the Most improved Employer based Sacco Tier 4
  • In the year 2016 Taasisi SACCO came third in Best Loaning services/Credit management in the parastatal category.
  • In the year 2015 Taasisi SACCO again took the 3rd  position in Best in Training and Education services parastatal category.
  • In 2015 again, Taasisi SACCO was ranked 2nd in Best in Loaning services/Credit in the management Parastatal sector.