Loan Application

Or fill the form below to apply online. Online applications are for loans not exceeding Ksh. 50,000.

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  • The guarantee must secure all the loans applied for. The total deposits of the borrower and those of the guarantor(s) must be equal to or more than the loan applied for. All guarantors must be active members of the Society.
  • A member must not guarantee more than his/her net deposits.
  • The board members, the supervisory committee and Secretariat cannot act as guarantors for loans borrowed from the Society.
  • The obligations of the previous guarantors ceases when loans guaranteed have been fully paid or upon change of guarantors but subject to new guarantors being accepted by the Society Management.
  • Incase of default in loan repayment, guarantors are severally and jointly responsible for the defaulted amount. Deposits at the time of guaranteeing and future deposits shall be used to offset defaulted loan and interest.
  • Land title deed can also be used as collateral and the property must be charged during the loan repayment period.