Taasisi SACCO Society brings together a unique and innovative delivery methodology comprising of SACCO BOSA and in the near future FOSA aspects. Taasisi SACCO Society is governed by nine Board of Directors and three supervisory board members responsible for monitoring the performance of the SACCO operations.

The Board members are elected by the members at their Annual General Meetings (AGM). The board is responsible for the formulation and review of the Sacco policies and guidelines. The board also approves and ratifies the loans before they are disbursed.

The operations of the sacco are conducted by the secretariat comprised of the staff members who are headed by the manager.

The role of the secretariat includes but not limited to the following:

a) Provision of link between members and Board of Directors.
b) Execution of Board of Directors’ decisions.
c) Facilitation and preparation of operational plans and budget.
d) Implementation of program activities and supervision.
e) Management of savings and credit portfolio.
f) Day to day management of the organization’s resources (assets, human, and financial resources).
g) Liaison with strategic partners on behalf of the Sacco
h) Ensure levels of authority are adhered to.